This page will clothe tips, maneuvers, and tactics every musician should know when playing Dark Souls 3- from the most basic concepts to more advanced ways to play.

    • Get Good – Probably the most uttered word between a love of the line- it may sound silly and unhelpful, but there’s true to the words. Those new to the line must discover- Dark Souls 3, like its precedes, is not video games that are able brute-forced. Blindly running into situations, or get flustered and spamming the attack button will not acquire every oppose. They key to all of the duels in Dark Souls is hearing the encounter, learning the foe moves, find the weakness, and capitalize on it. Take your time, explore every region, and look for styles around troubles. If there are none, figure out why it is a problem, and what you can do to solve it. Maybe you’ll involve a different weapon or more stages. or perhaps it’s something that needs to be left alone. Be patient, and the thrill of success will be more than enough of a reward.
    • Exploit the Weakness of Your Enemies – Every adversary in this game has a weakness, and it’s your job to find it. Are they brandishing a large weapon? Dodge past their slow shakes and get a backstab off from behind. Do they perpetually shield themselves? Kick the shield to overwhelm them, and related to the follow-up with a crucial attack. Do they perpetually rain you with straddled charm? Get in close and press the attack to keep them from shedding. In some events, the exceeding armor of your adversaries can stimulate switching weapons a favorable move. Plate armor is tough and resilient, but often weak to mallets and lightning. Curved weapons are great against the unarmored, but you’ll have a harder experience taking down an adversary knight.
    • Learn to Parry– Or Don’t any shields( and some weapons) come with the Weapon Skill: Parry. Using this at the right time can not only entirely deflect your opponents attack- but stun them long enough so that you can perform a frontal critical attack for massive damage. The downside is the window for this party is extremely short and very hard to pull off- more so if you aren’t aware of how the adversary behaves. If you want to master parrying, you’ll need a lot of practice, and find out how long it takes an adversary to land a blow. Since some enemies- and especially bosses- may change up their attack speed, the timing can differ wildly, and if you aren’t adept at this, you’ll spend a lot of time missing and taking too much damage, when you could have just blocked or dodged the blow outright. Of course, if you’d rather have a shield and not have to worry about carrying, there are some shields that allow you to use the weapon skill of your right-hand weapon, without having to put the shield away.
    • Make Use of Your Shield, or Put it Away – One thing you should steer clear of doing is having your shield sit on your arm like a trophy. In combat, you should be constructing the most of your shield to block unwanted blows, and have enough stamina left over to retaliate. If you are going up against a boss and get aggressive, and rarely raising your shield, then you’re missing out on more damage you could be doing with your weapon in two( or both) hands. Different enemies will vary your tactics, so construct the best of what you have, and don’t waste time carrying around a shield you aren’t utilizing or remaining on the defensive with a two-handed weapon.
    • In Case of Emergency, Your Ember Can Be Applied as a Healing Device – Ember can be found through numerous means, and using it will invoke your maximum health while allowing you to invoke or be summoned, and occupy or be invaded by others. However, if you are taking on a difficult boss without summons, it can be good to save the Ember for the middle of the struggle, to help as situations of emergency full heal that also develops your max health!

  • Secrets Are Everywhere: Certain areas in the game are teeming with secret directions, and some may present themselves as illusory walls- ones that must be struck to disclose pieces. Some of these pieces are harder to recognize than others, but many of them appear under walls with archways built into them. Be sure to shaking at any wall “you’re feeling” might be obscuring secrets- merely don’t violate your weapon in the process!
  • Stagger Through Life: If you are able to stagger an opponent when affecting them with a good weapon- that is your best minute to press the attack. Even formidable adversaries like Gothic Knights can be overwhelmed, and if you’re strong enough you can finish the fight early by releasing injury before your enemy can react but be wary that hit-stunning just last for a few pops. Just be careful of those who don’t flounder easy- like Black Knights.

  • Don’t Be a Jerk to Your Acquaintances: It goes without saying, but you should probably avoid attacking or killing people you match- whether the government has be a friendly traveler on the road, or someone you draft to Firelink Shrine. Most of the time, any parts they descend can be gained by other means, and you can sometimes invite unintended upshots, like going locked out of back quests, or having the Firelink Handmaid raise prices on you. If by some hazard you do inadvertently punch and feelings person, you can always try praying at the Shrine of Velka hidden in the sewers underneath the Undead Settlement to absolve you of sin- for a price.

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